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The curse of the gifted

“See, we’ve seen the curse of the gifted before. Some of us were those kids in college. We learned the hard way that the bill always comes due — the scale of the problems always increases to a point where your native talent alone doesn’t cut it any more. The smarter you are, the longer it takes to hit that crunch point — and the harder the adjustment when you finally do. And we can see that *you*, poor damn genius that you are, are cruising for a serious bruising.”

– Eric S. Raymond to Linus Torvalds in his essay “The curse of the gifted programmer”

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Guest blogged at

I posted at rakesh’s blog about 2 of my favorite topics, python and philosophy.(after a good break from blogging for almost a year) Actually its a philosopical discussion of life worthness in pythonic manner.

Read it here.

so, whats your life_worthiness_quotient? 🙂

Success- How does one get it !!?

I always wonder what makes people successful ? I dont know if such ‘Formula’ exists. I have seen this world,well not much. 20 years are too less to know any thing about this world. but i always get the feeling(from what i have seen) that most deserving people are not always the most successful ones, sucess eludes them from one reason or another. what could it be?? Continue reading

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