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I am an insignificant person, who dreams to do big in this intimidating world.


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  1. Mayank on

    hi mohit, it’s maxximus from PG…how r u doing man? where did u disappear? Get in touch!

    • mohitranka on

      Hi maxximus,
      Its wonderful to hear for you 🙂 I am doing great, hope you are doing very well too.

  2. Ingo on

    Hi there,

    found your question regarding Solr and NNTP newsgroups on stack overflow. I’m also trying to get NNTP nwsgroups indexed through Solr.

    So my question is: Can you tell me how you managed to index newsgroups with Solr? Is there a direct way? Otherwise I was planning to write a PHP indexer.


    • mohitranka on

      Hi Igno,
      Sorry for late reply. I just used the nntplib that comes with python standard library, to talk to NNTP servers. Once I got the data from the NNTP Servers, I put them in my local Solr instance to Index.

      Hope that helps.

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