Success- How does one get it !!?

I always wonder what makes people successful ? I dont know if such ‘Formula’ exists. I have seen this world,well not much. 20 years are too less to know any thing about this world. but i always get the feeling(from what i have seen) that most deserving people are not always the most successful ones, sucess eludes them from one reason or another. what could it be??

I dont know, I am not successful either. one thing i know for sure that successful people hardly make any blunders.They know what to do well before it actually has to be done.They are planners,people who change the face of the world, or atleast their life, by planning. I might sound cliched, these all are the good qualities,talent,intelligence, hardwork etc. So whats the difference? lots of people have these qualities,they all are not successful.

Surely, Not all deserving people get what they deserve, The reason, so simple….. they do not deserve it! Yes,they have one ‘weakness’ or another which negates their qualities. Its just they do not realize it for most of the times and remain unsucessful.

I have one mind, i can think in a particular way.but my way is not necessarily correct.If you have any comments about my blog,please post them! it will help me learn this world better.



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  1. thethinker on

    On the subject of success, in reference to your “(from what i have seen) that most deserving people are not always the most successful ones…. sucess eludes them from one reason or another..”. I happen to believe in karma. Those deserving people may not outwardly appear to have gained success, but perhaps they find success in small things. Everybody has a different definition of success. To some, it’s money. To others, it’s a happy family. Define your own success and then go in search for it.

  2. Too_Many_Thoughts on

    If you are looking for success in your career, then you have to go for it. You just can’t wait until it comes your way because you then it never wills.
    I do somewhat believe in karma, like thethinker, and I think you have to go in search for that success, whether personal or career wise.
    Anyways, I believe the most shrewd and bussiness-minded people are the ones at top. It doesn’t only depend on your qualities but you have to play the dirty game if you really want something…or so I believe.
    welll…take carez mohit

  3. Mohit on

    Thanks for your thoughts…
    Well,let me define ‘Success’ first.To me, a person is successful if one has achieved what one has aimed for in life. But i have (as most of you must have) seen under-achievers,people with every right quality to be successful,but still they are not… These people are NOT under-performers,but they are not be successful

  4. Animal Shelter Worker on

    Do they feel that they are not successful? Or have they simply chosen a life that you would not consider “success” for yourself. Sometimes one man’s failure is another man’s success.

    Sometimes we let other people’s ideas of success cloud our minds to what our ultimate success should be and then we aim for a goal that we do not want and then we are truly not successful and are unhappy and unsatisfied.

    It is difficult, at times to discern our idea of success and the ideas being placed upon us from friends, family, and media but only you can truly measure how successful you are.

    To me, success is happiness. If you are happy with whatever your situation is, then you are successful. The key then, is to allow yourself to discover what makes you happiest and bring you the most amount of success. (Not just in the hedonistic sense, of course, but in the moral and intellectual senses)

    Whew. That was long winded! LOL!

  5. Mohit on

    Hi Animal Shelter Worker,Thanks for posting!

    All i mean to say that their are people who have the potential,the talent in achieveing success(Which they want to),but they still struggle through out their life.

    These people have equal potential in worldly sense like any other Successful person in their field

  6. Animal Shelter Worker on

    When you say “struggle” what do you mean?

    Struggle financially? Struggle with ethics of a particular job?

    Or maybe they can’t be successful b/c it’s not right for them. If I wanted to be a lawyer, thought I am certainly smart enough, bossy and loud enough, I would struggle endlessly (despite wanting success) b/c it would be the wrong thing–like trying to fit a square peg in a round hole.

    It is a quandry, this thing we call success.

  7. Laya Rajan on

    Success is not the same to everyone…there is no single person who has succeeded in all walks of life and similarly there is no single person who has failed in everything…

  8. izxcvbn on

    i appreciate that ur thoughts r quiet mature but a bit negative too .
    dont get distressed by other people’s failures .try to give ur best shot everytime

  9. Mohit on

    Well,I guess my thoughts are “negative” because most of the people are not happy with their success… Something they could have achieved… but did not!!
    A common average man is not successful…. and most of the men are common,average…

  10. Rebus on

    Dear Mohit with respect to ur original post I think…..
    You have found all the ingredients for being successful….but u think u r not deserving one because u r afraid of yr weakness…. I know we all have weakness but if you overcome your weakness by making yr weakness yr power… just an eg. might u understand.. if u r not shrewd or hard on others make it to achieve good will of others…n make it more weighing…which will give u a balance…
    Give it a try…
    well…take care…n keep thinkin…

  11. Lexa Roséan on

    I’m not sure, but I think you have to really really want it. That coupled with loving what you do.

  12. BrooklynChica on

    I struggle with the whole notion of success myself. What does it mean? Money in the bank? The respect of your family and peers? Power to change your environment?
    Is it self defined or imposed from the outside? Is it a measure of how happy you are at the moment or continuously?
    Everyone has a story about a rich and powerful person who still feels like there should be more to life. There are just as many stories about the street sweeper who feels completely fulfilled.
    I have come to the conclusion that success is 1 part luck, 1 part public recognition and 2 parts personal satisfaction- if any of these are missing you have an aspiring person- a potental success. Ultimately, a successful person keeps striving no matter what- they change, they adapt to the environment and they throw away old notions of the status quo. As a result they get the respect they need and achieve the goals they set for themselves. Sounds simple but obviously it isn’t or else everyone would walk around feeling like a million bucks.

  13. Velcro on

    This is one of my favorites:

    Nothing in the world can take the place of Persistence. Talent will not; nothing is more common than unsuccessful men with talent. Genius will not; unrewarded genius is almost a proverb. Education will not; the world is full of educated derelicts. Persistence and determination alone are omnipotent. The slogan ‘Press On’ has solved and always will solve the problems of the human race.
    – Calvin Coolidge

    Maybe success should be measured in happiness? We live in such a materialistic world (I do anyways), that it’s easy to look at the things we don’t have and focus our lives around them. Once we attain it, it’s on to the next thing we don’t have starting a vicious cycle.

    Good post… Take care!

  14. Mohit on

    Thanks a lot for your thoughts… rebus,lexa,BrooklynChica and velevet cowboy….

    Well, i posted this post not because i think i should be successful and i am not…. its because i see so much not so successful talent….

    I also appreciate BrooklynChica’s interesting perspective

    I have come to the conclusion that success is 1 part luck, 1 part public recognition and 2 parts personal satisfaction

    gives new dimension to this discussion….

    Well i really doubt,if success could be measured in terms of happiness…. i do not see much of the successful people,Happy.

    You can rule me out by saying that ‘then perhaps they are not happy’, but i find Bill Gates as one of the most sucess personality of this era and he does not seem to be the happiest guy in the world to me…

    –Thats my view,keep posting

  15. puneet on

    Hi Mohit,

    I think this is quite an interesting discussion you’ve ignited……let me add my fuel to it LOL

    Success I believe, as most of the people here said, is relative and can be defined in many different ways depending upon various factors influencing a person’s life….

    His background, emotional and economical stability, his quotient of being able to be happy and to define it in terms of success, professional and personal satisfaction…and the list goes on….

    One needs not be a Bill Gates or George Bush to be identified as successful….they may be successful in the walk of life they’ve chosen as their professions but that’s not complete success. They may have troubles at their personal or social front or elsewhere……No body is absolutely too happy to be defined as being successful so I would reject the idea of measuring happiness as the quantity to be called successful…

    Time is a very important factor in determining your success. All those ‘KARMA’ believers, I absolutely believe in the principles of Karma but I also believe in the power of supreme and feel that whatever you do, if you don’t find time ‘favouring’ you you are nowhere….

    This is just a small portion of my views over this topic but before writing my next posting, I would like to know your views/comments…


  16. SaunaMatti on

    Measure your life NOT by what you DO, but HOW you FEEL!

  17. Harshit Surana on

    I personally consider success, as to make a Big Positive Impact on the world, along with Liking What You Do.

    This kind of success is the one which is identified by major businessmen, scientists, thinkers, writers. Most of them like what they do and in the process they change the world.

    As for the formula for this kind of success. Their aint any. But, I do observe three essential ingredients in all such people –
    – Intelligence
    – Temperance
    – Conviction

    And offcourse, you need a dash of luck too. Nothing can be done without it. But, since luck is solely out of our control, there aint any point contemplating about that.

  18. shruti on

    Hmmmm, very interesting….

    A lot of people are average , a lot more than that are below average….. most of them so similar that they become indistinguishable….

    have u ever been to a beach?

    u see so many sea shells, some of them in a conical shape , some of them round , some of them yellow, some white,some purple, some shiny, some dull …… all of them a remnant of their beautiful past , their life in the big wide sea. Yet, even when the sea shells hold their unique identity, they share the same pattern, the same fate.

    The world is like that. Every individual,who ever, whatever , wherever they are….. they share the same fate… of birth and death. When our civilisation will be wiped off , an IIT-IIM graduate, or a med student , or a Stanford guy will be indistinguishable from the common man.

    Success, is realising the fact that each one of us is successful, provided we chose to be successful… in our own special way….

  19. mohitranka on

    Hi shruti, Thanks for posting… a welcome post after a long time

    Generally, I do not disagree with people’s opinion and as I am a very socialist person (not bragging, just that I know myself), I understand opinion’s differ and can not be judged as right or wrong. But i am not able to appreciate your post fully….

    You have suggested that Birth and death are only two truths in life and it wont matter when the civilization ends, everybody will be the same…. yes indeed, both of them are absolutely correct, but another truth is there that you missed, that this life is our “karmabhumi” and we need to do our best…. there does not exists a question of “why to do our best”??

    Think, if great – leaders, scientists, innovators, industrialist, entreprenuers, biologists etc. have thought the same…. We would have been living in primative ages still…. if they dint have that urge to succeed….If they also had the same opinion as you about success….. Though I am more than 100% sure, the way you appear to me, you too do not approve to this laid back approach 🙂

    Give it a thought!!

  20. Suneet on

    you forgot to mention one factor, probably one of the most important-luck

  21. mohitranka on

    Hey suneet,
    As far as luck is concerned, i do have a theory regarding that…

    We see most of the successful people,talented people, world leaders etc. do you think they come to a more share of luck than any other person??
    Do you really think that they did not have “no-luck” on their sides?? or was it always “rubber-green” going there sides….. If this was true, if success belonged to ‘luck’, we would not be buying their autobiographies, would we??

    I understand that you just meant ‘luck’ a factor, but i feel that we all have lots of potential in us…. potential enough to over come luck factors….everybody has ups-and-downs in luck (yeah, the law of the averages work here too), but one can really work well when the luck is on one’s side…. if not, you are not meant to be successful!!!

  22. Ashish Yadav on

    success means different to different people.. for me its defining the goal for my life , and then just go for it.. like nothing else exists in the world. u may rem the mahabharta story of dronacharya and arjun , when he was teaching arjun that if u are concerned abt things other than ur goal.. then u might not achieve it .
    as for me i think pretty unsuccessful myself .. but i think success is a relative term every unsuccessful person is also successful in sense if he is able to live thru each day in today’s cut throat competetion , and often thinks that the person just above him in status , money or whatever other terms u can think of is successful ,, but wen we ask from that person he will name any other person too, and repeat the same story..
    it’s all about self realization of ur capabilities and then defining ur goals and achieveng them without comparision to others.

    life is too complex to understand as how it favours one person to other..
    a lot of ppl die from hunger in africa , while a lot of others just throw half of their food , and they often argue abt amount of calories in their food..

    there is a definately the luck factor.. which we can’t ignore but can’t do anything about it.. so its better to read the signs that come along our way and then make our decisions..

  23. Jayanth Krishnan on

    Success comes in many forms and many ways. To name a few, for some.. career is success. For others making money is success…for an athlete winning a trophy is success. For Mahatma Gandhi Ahimsa is success. So it all comes to.. what you define as your own success. Dream it..put in the effort and you will achieve it…and there is your success!

  24. suranah on

    Dude, just because most successful people are intelligent and hard working, it does not imply that most intelligent and hard working people are successful. Its logically fallacious to think that way.

    And one does not need Lady Fortuna singing on your side forever. A few crucial times a lifetime is generally enough to make it big. How many times do you think say – ‘Bill Gates got lucky?’ A thousand? People really take very few major decisions which have profound negative or positive impact. That’s all it takes.

    As for mathematical intuition – read some details about probablity distributions, you will know what I mean.

  25. sukhichawla on

    nice to read

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